I'm studying Computer Science at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. I entered the university in 2011 and I hope to have my Master degree in 2016. After that, I'm still not sure but I would like to write a PhD thesis about one of my interest fields, and finally become a researcher and teacher.

Computer Science

In computer science, I'm mainly interested by low-level practical things, like software optimization, assembly optimization and processor design, operating systems, data structures, and "nice" things. By "nice", I mean elegant pearls of Computer Science, like well-designed languages, optimal software and beautiful new theories. I cannot give an objective definition of this, but I liked reading articles about Lisp, Ruby, and O(n) sorting. I'm also quite interested by hardware advances, raw power and how to use it.

Another thing that makes me happy is teaching. I'm still only a student, but I like to teach some simple concepts of computer science to people who ask for it. The most beginner the person is, the better. I always strive to find the most clear way to explain something, and I'm always happy to see that I was understood. I also train my teaching skills by giving what I call "mini-courses" to my colleagues. Every student in my class is passionate about different things, and I find it very interesting to have students giving courses to others, thereby teaching them what they have just learned passionately.

Real life

When I'm not in front of a computer, I like to see the nature, to take my bike and to discover the gems of Belgium, beautiful landscapes, etc.

I'm also quite interested by anything scientific, but also philosophical, psychological, and everything that people call "complex" or "hard". I'm always happy to take hours or days to think about something deemed impossible, because I like to use my brain, just for the sake of using it.


You can contact me by mail using my address hosted at yahoo.fr (username "steckdenis", for general messages) or at ulb.ac.be (username "dsteckel", if the previous one doesn't work because Yahoo ceased its service, or if you want to contact me regarding my studies or research). I agree that I am not very clear in the way I give my mail addresses, but it is to ensure that only an human brain can understand them.