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Published on sam 14 mai 2011 in Clover, (Comments)


A quick blog post to give more news about my Google Summer of Code project. The first good news is that my work is now available on Github (before I possibly get an access to the Freedesktop git repository), in the Clover project.

Some days ago, I sent mails to Jerome Glisse and St├ęphane Marchesin, two french-speaking Mesa developers. Jerome is also my mentor, by the way. I was discussing how to integrate my work in Mesa : a classic state tracker, or an independent library like Clover is now.

Finally, it was decided to create an independent library focused on software rendering. I'll also add what's needed to be easily able to add hardware acceleration after the summer.

So, my Github repository contains a clone of the mesa/clover repository on Freedesktop. I already made some small modifications to the code to be able to compile it, and I will clean it up in the following days. My target is to be able to query the platforms and devices in one or two weeks, with nice and well-organised code.

I'll keep you informed of my progress.

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