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Published on jeu 23 mai 2013 in Personal, (Comments)


In 2011, when I was accepted by the GSoC program, I created a Wordpress-hosted blog here. In August, when the GSoC was finished, I stopped posting anything on that blog.

We are now two years later, and my life has quite a bit changed. I had the occasion to work on new projects, and I'm now finishing my second year at the university. During these two years, I occasionally wanted to share experiments with potentially interested people. When the experiment was "big enough", I posted a journal on LinuxFR, a French website talking about Linux, the Free Software in general, and Computer Science.

The feedback was always very good and interesting, but as some people told me, a blog is preferable for sharing small thoughts. With this blog, I hope to have a small place on the Internet where I can put my thoughts, experiments, and keep a journal of my activities. I don't expect that many people will read this website, it's not the goal, I just want to have something up to date to show when someone looks for me in his or her preferred search engine.

So, here is this new blog. I imported everything that was on Wordpress, and updated some pages. More things are yet to come. The blog is powered by the wonderful Pelican engine that lets me write my blog entries in Kate, using the famous Markdown syntax. When the post is finished, a simple command generates the blog (that is entirely made of static pages) and uploads it on my server. The design is mine, largely inspired by the one I used on Wordpress. I hope you don't find it too awful, if you have comments, don't hesitate to contact me.

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