kdev-qmljs 1.7.0 released

Published on ven 12 d├ęcembre 2014 in Nepomuk, (Comments)

I'm pleased to announce that the kdev-qmljs plugin that I've developed during the spring and the summer is finally released in version 1.7.0. This version is compatible with KDevPlatform 1.7.0 and KDevelop 4.7.0. You can download the source tarball on download.kde.org.

  • SHA256Sum: 70927785de7791335eda43b55ef7742af7915425823d5f70b97edac1828681e1
  • SHA1Sum: 78ad0f72ffa091f6aff5ea633eb5f135e9d625f3
  • MD5Sum: e51b93519e4eb028a8863c5d7bc96848

This release contains all the features developed during the summer. It adds support for the QML and Javascript languages in KDevelop and is able to recognize Javascript variables, functions, "objects" (based on prototype oriented programming) and most of its standard library (along with the DOM standard library and core Node.js modules). The QML language supports Qt 4 and Qt 5 modules, custom binary modules (modules for which you have an .so file), modules in your application and all sorts of import statements.

More advanced support for Node.js, richer QML helper tools and some other features will be available in the KF5 version of the plugin. I hope to have time to work on it shortly.

The tarball that I linked hereabove is known to compile and work on Fedora and a preliminary package has already been created (the final one will come shortly I think). Thanks again to everyone who helped me develop this plugin and fix bugs (especially my mentor Sven Brauch, Milian Wolf who dived into the deepest parts of KDevelop in order to fix a memory corruption issue, Kevin Funk and Aleix Pol who gave me advice on how to properly implement some parts of the plugin). Thanks again to the whole KDE community for the support and encouragement, and to the sysadmins who do a wonderful job to get everything working.

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